Ch ch ch changes

What a whirlwind of a week.  Lots of change happening around here. I have realized over the last few months that I am unable to sit still without something “big” on the horizon. When I first started to get sick in 2010 with all of this heart stuff, I found myself on the couch day after day, bored out of my mind and itching to go back to work. I would make it a goal to find a project to work on, first of which was my career change and the plan to open and private psychotherapy practice, along with taking a course to get my certification in coaching to add to my practice. Months later, I also got engaged to Andrew, and planned our wedding for 6 months after.  My family always jokes that I am a “right now-nick” and that is truly the case. When I put my mind to something, I want to make it happen that second.

This has become a good distraction for me, but can also be problematic. As soon a Andrew and I got married, we found a house, and months after that started a gloomy year of multiple failed IVF cycles. Next up was the crazy pregnancy, all the heart stuff- the months living in the hospital, the NICU, planning the trip to Tampa, the transplant, and finally coming home. Then what?

We have worked for almost a year now to set up our (fingers crossed) upcoming pregnancy through our gestational carrier and lovely friend Jess. We feel so blessed and lucky to have met this amazing woman and mother of 3- it truly takes a remarkable and selfless woman to bake our baby for us for almost 10 months! We have been through a long process to get here, completed the dreaded IVF cycle, and we are ready to transfer the embryo next month! LOVE YOU JESS!

Now, did I mention we are moving next month too? We made the decision a few weeks ago, and are getting ready to pack in the end of July. Holy craziness. We are not moving far- just to the next town over of Dedham, and we are very excited!

Here’s the thing.  I truly do believe that I thrive off of this hectic life. momande

I don’t like to stop and think about all of my medical issues. I don’t like to remember all of the things that have happened in the last 6 years. “Doing stuff” keeps me moving forward and helps me stay positive and energized.

So though I anticipate the next few months with be very crazy, I am looking forward to the mayhem. Mayhem works well for me. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Ch ch ch changes”

  1. You continue to inspire me every day!!
    Thrilled about your family growing! And moving????! Could there be any other big changes!?
    Ethan is remarkable and you are an extraordinary mom!!!
    Sending love and best wishes for a fabulous summer ahead☀️✨✨

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